Online Access to a Wealth of Market Intelligence and Insight

With over 5 million data points included within one online market intelligence platform, allow our Enterprise database to help you to take your analytics further.

BRG’s multi-functional Enterprise database system provides a dedicated platform of in-depth market information and detailed market reports via a tailored online platform.


The custom-built system is unique in its kind, fast and reliable, and continuously being updated and improved.


  Data Analysis
Analysis grids (pivot-table style) for the main data sets including Trends, Values, Market Shares and Segmentations (Technical and Market Breakdown).
Export all data to Excel and PDF with the click of a button.
  Saved Searches
Save data searches to optimise time spent on data analysis tasks.
Enterprise Screenshot
Enterprise Screenshot
  Report Library
A portal of market summaries and country reports (including interactive table of contents).
  Support and Training
Live chat support and online training provided upon request.
Enterprise Screenshot