Join our Team of Global Market Research and Intelligence Specialists

We are proud of the Market Research products we deliver and our teams that deliver them. We know that a happy workforce is a productive workforce and to invest in our people is to invest in our product. Through training, mentoring, flexible working patterns and a substantial benefits package, we want to give back to our team and inspire them to move the company forward. Explore how you can benefit with BRG as your employer.

Our core values are at the heart of everything we do and we keep the needs of our clients in primary focus. We hold ourselves accountable to deliver on what we set out to achieve. We value and respect our employees by continually investing in our people to provide our clients with products and services of a high standard.


Why work with us

Mentoring Icon Mentoring and Empowering
We encourage and support personal growth through on the job, training and guidance from our industry experts.
Multicultural icon Multicultural and cohesive team
BRG is a proud equal opportunities employer. We have global offices that are constantly connected.
Work Life Balance icon Work Life Balance
The pressure of work and life are infinitely linked. We can help to manage these with flexible work patterns, parental leave, childcare vouchers and working from home arrangements.
Perks Icon Perks
BRG Connect: our discounts platform which can help you save money on everyday expenses.
Positive Working Environment Icon Positive Working Environment
BRG respects the dignity and rights of all employees. We provide a healthy and safe work environment with transparent policies available to everyone. Regular social events are organised to bond our team.
Personal Growth Icon Personal Growth
We recognise how important personal growth can be in motivating our team. We provide education, guidance and training to help achieve this.
Well Being Icon Well-being
We actively promote the health and well-being of our staff members and confidential support is provided via our Employee Assistance Program. Regular occupational health checks are undertaken to ensure you are working safely and comfortably.
Financial Incentives Icon Financial Incentives
Financial rewards are a huge incentive and at BRG we operate a company-wide bonus scheme and also offer other key employee benefits.


What do we look for in a new employee?

 Motivated, enthusiastic, self-driven individuals that aspire to become industry experts.
 Passionate people that want to make a difference for our clients.
 Characters that radiate positivity in their approach and drive.
 Effective communicators across languages and cultures.