Knowledgeable Team Delivering Deep Market Insights

Our company can only be as good as the people we employ. Our global market research team is built up of passionate individuals, speaking over 35 languages. BRG comprises over 30 nationalities making it a truly multicultural market intelligence company. Our diversity and talent have shaped our success and helped to secure lasting bonds with our clients.

Key Roles


Analyst at BRG
Our Market Analysts are the key source of research and insight for all projects. They are in direct contact with BRG's client base providing a vital link between the research and continuous feedback processes.
Data Analyst at BRG
Our Data Analysts work to develop, maintain and improve the tools that allow for the accurate, timely and ongoing production of all quantitative data deliverables.
Senior Analyst at BRG
Our Senior Analysts use their knowledge and experience to enhance BRG's processes and deliverables whilst acting as role models and mentors for our analysts. They are also at the forefront of second-line client management representing BRG during every research interaction.
Project Manager at BRG
Our Project Managers provide controlled guidance, planning and foresight to the production and resourcing processes. Their focus is on team management, client deliverables, efficiency and process optimisation. They act as mentors for the analysts and have a reputation of being experts with the clients, who appreciate the quick and helpful service that is provided.
A key responsibility of our project managers is to oversee one or several database production programmes from planning to completion, on time and within budget.

What Our Employees Say


I am responsible for managing our expanding Indian operations. At BRG, we are always open to new ideas from all our colleagues and encourage everyone to contribute in the decision-making processes. Some of our most important initiatives have come from our junior colleagues and in that sense, we have no strict bureaucracy. At BRG India, we have a versatile team that has worked on various domains and has significant expertise in research, analysis and interpretation.
Faraz Shams
General Manager, India


I am responsible for the design, implementation and analysis of software projects in support of the company’s mission and values. The most enjoyable aspect of my role is often being involved in the entire lifecycle of a project, also seeing the systems/tools I develop being used by the team is very satisfying. Ad hoc requests often require new solutions so I find that I have to learn new skills/techniques and be adaptable. I enjoy the relaxed flexible working environment and the friendly nature of everyone in the company.
Dan Wainwright
Application Architect


I am responsible for conducting market research across BRG’s Spanish-speaking markets. We build a relationship of mutual collaboration based on trust, confidentiality, credibility, respect, and reliability. I am passionate about my job, the range of markets I work with, as well as the diverse professional team I am a part of. Together, with hard work, dedication and care we produce and deliver high quality industry insights we are proud to share with our clients.
Vinyet Armora-Franch
Research Associate